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Chemical composition: ZrSiO4, can contain trace amounts of Mn, Fe, Ca and radioactive elements U, Th, etc.. The hardness of the high type black zircon is 7-7.5, the hardness of the low type zircon is 6, both of them are more brittle, and the angle of the low type zircon is often damaged. The proportion of the high type zircon is 4.6-4.8, and the low type zircon is the 3.9-4.2 making method.

The colorless synthetic cubic zirconia crystal is heated to 2000 degrees under the vacuum condition, and the cubic zirconia can be obtained. The principle is that the oxygen in ZrO2 is lost, resulting in a large number of crystal defects, all of the absorption of visible light is black. The processing method of black zirconium has two: one is direct to process has been grinding finished stone, the second is to raw materials, then the raw material cut grinding stones. More black zirconium content. But as for the Black wax with zirconium may change, should do first test.


Black has a symbolic meaning, representing solemn, a sense of the sacred, black zirconia is jewelry design industry used in inlaid jewelry category products, has a very high artistic value, highlight the style of wearing jewelry.