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Tungsten cobalt alloy has higher flexural strength, compressive strength, impact toughness, elastic modulus and thermal expansion coefficient is small, hard alloy is the most widely used classes. The main purposes: as a tool cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metals, non metals, heat-resistant alloy, titanium alloy and stainless steel, can also be extended wear parts, mold, stamping die and drill. Tungsten cobalt alloy specifications: 7cm * 4cm * 1cm tungsten cobalt alloy shape: Color: silver white massive tungsten cobalt alloy (A-1; A-2; A-3 band patterns, the appearance of black ink): tungsten tungsten cobalt alloy content greater than 88%, cobalt tungsten cobalt alloy weight greater than 11%; a: 450-460 grams (a pound) tungsten cobalt alloy packaging: 23 kg / box; 25 kg / box; 50 kg / box of tungsten cobalt alloy chemical formula: tungsten carbide and cobalt metal.