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method one:

When measuring the four long fingers (except the thumb) and to the "tiger's mouth" at a number of those of force and measurement tool, for example, it is just 45mm, then, on this basis, plus 2 ~ 3mm is right for you They circle the. This specification will be some pain when worn, use a hand sanitizer and other economic lubrication 

lubrication either. Some people like to wear loose a little too little, can choose circle mouth again slightly larger.

Method two:

Daiyu bracelet in the election, to be able to wear a bracelet into four long fingers (ie, excluding the thumb) and to the "tiger's mouth" at some of the feeling a little tight, and then remove the bracelet, measure the inside diameter of, for example, is just 55 mm, then the size is right for you circle the mouth. Some people 

like to wear loose a little too little choice, the choice of ring big mouth 1 to 2 mm, so that they can be more easily removed the wear. There are also some people used to wear a smaller bracelet, or do not intend to wear down, and so, in turn, can reduce the size of 1 to 2 mm. Usually the choice, you should try them. Try them, 

you can put some detergent or soap in your hand, and asked people to help with the point force will wear a bracelet into your wrist.

Method three:

Fingers close together, asked people to help with a soft rope Measure the thickest part of your hand in the finest state of the perimeter and then divided by 3.14, plus 1 ~ 2mm inner diameter that is suitable for your bracelet. For example: you measure the length of 170mm, then 170 / 3.141 ~ 2 = 55 ~ 56mm.

Note: at least three methods have their shortcomings of each method you may want to try all possible, more measured several times and then averaged. Thus more accurate