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About Us

Tizti Jewelry Co.,Ltd. is a professional jewelry factory founded in 2003, which specializes in designing, manufacturing and exporting titanium jewelry, stainless steel jewelry,black titanium jewelry, carbon fiber jewelry, Cobalt alloy jewelry, wood jewelry,tungsten steel jewelry, ceramic jewelry and so on.Including ring,bracelet,pendant,cufflinks,key ring,tie clip,money clip,etc.

Most of them are exported to American and European countries.

    With over 10 years experience in the titanium and stainless steel jewelry industry, factory has been enhancing the quality on craftsmanship and expanding its production capacity. We have our own designer and engineer teams can offer one-stop service in OEM & ODM for various titanium or stainless steel jewelry and accessories. Our capacity is around 100,000pcs / month. For our creative design, high-standard quality product, competitive price and professional service, factory has established long-term business relationship with several distributors and got good reputations from many overseas customers these years.

    Manufacturing perfect jewelry is our persistent pursuit, we are confident that we could be customers' good supplier and can offer supports to partners' developments. If you have any kind of inquiry, welcome to contact with us .